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Diamond Plate MetalDiamond Plate Metal - made by Biorust
Contrary to popular opinion, industrial metallic textures are not always easy to create from scratch in Photoshop. This tutorial details a relatively straightforward way to create diamond-patterned metal plates.
Views: 5751
Retro Style BackgroundRetro Style Background - made by
Create a retro style background that you see on 70s television shows, or on modern advertisements in print, and TV.
Views: 4332
Brushed Metal TextureBrushed Metal Texture - made by Mike Jonson
This tutorial will teach you how to quickly and easily create a brushed metal texture
Views: 2937
Simple Tiling PatternsSimple Tiling Patterns - made by Biorust
Arguments may persist over whether scanlines are trendwhore or not, but you cant argue that they are effective and look classy. The aim of this tutorial is to detail a method for creating quick scanlines, funky dots, and other simple overlays.
Views: 2704
Glass TextureGlass Texture - made by Entheos
Learn how to give a glass texture to an image
Views: 2660
Ancient PaperAncient Paper - made by Design Tutorials
Make a piece of paper look very old.
Views: 2559
Create a Brick wall textureCreate a Brick wall texture - made by
Learn how to create a Brick wall texture finish using Photoshop. Change your background to a brick wall.
Views: 2286
Abstract Electrical Circuit TutorialAbstract Electrical Circuit Tutorial - made by GFX Void
An easy-to-follow tutorial for creating a background which very much resembles an electrical circut board.
Views: 2107
Marble Surface TextureMarble Surface Texture - made by GFXGamers
Create a marble like texture, also a good rustic texture.
Views: 2048
Simple CamouflageSimple Camouflage - made by Biorust
From murky forests to desolate wilderness, camouflage is invaluable for breaking up the human silhouette. It is, however, also deceptively simple to make in Photoshop using only a couple of filters and a basic sense of style.
Views: 1920
Worn Paper EffectWorn Paper Effect - made by The Leak
This is a tutorial teaching you how to make a worn-out piece of paper. It's good for personal web templates.
Views: 1861
Trendy Grunge BackgroundTrendy Grunge Background - made by
Create a trendy grunge background for a signature.
Views: 1790
Realistic BloodspatterRealistic Bloodspatter - made by Wotsa
This tutorial shows a way to achieve a realistic bloodspatter on a wall.
Views: 1747
Dripping BloodDripping Blood - made by Wotsa
This is a continuation of the bloodspatter tutorial. Now the blood is dripping off the walls.
Views: 1732
Grunge BrushGrunge Brush - made by Weborum
Learn how to make your very own grunge brush.
Views: 1711
Metal MeshesMetal Meshes - made by Biorust
Metal mesh textures are remarkably simple to create and can give your interfaces and/or artwork a much needed dose of industrial-style funk.
Views: 1664
Bloody MenBloody Men - made by
Add blood splatter and dirt to your images.
Views: 1488
Background LinesBackground Lines - made by WebClass.Ru
Find out how to create a lined background for your page.
Views: 1459
Texture MappingTexture Mapping - made by Biorust
Textures can be an excellent way to add great amounts of detail to your creations very quickly.
Views: 1438
Metal TextureMetal Texture - made by
Create a metallic texture.
Views: 1419

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