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Distorted TextDistorted Text - made by Shadow Boards
Learn to create a simple distorted text.
Views: 4074
Using Layer MasksUsing Layer Masks - made by Oman3D
A layer mask in Photoshop is basically a way of hiding and revealing certain parts of a layer. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create, edit, delete, and modify layer masks in Photoshop.
Views: 3315
Writing in the SandWriting in the Sand - made by
Want to know how to make text look as if it were drawn into the sand? Learn how to here.
Views: 3111
Blazing/Molten Text EffectBlazing/Molten Text Effect - made by Entheos
Learn to create a blazing or molten text effect.
Views: 2632
Graffiti TextGraffiti Text - made by GFXVoid
Learn how to make graffiti in Photoshop using simple text effects and filters!
Views: 2565
Smooth Metal TextSmooth Metal Text - made by Zymic
Create some smooth gradient metal text which looks effective on many things.
Views: 2486
Lava TextLava Text - made by Zymic
Create this unique lava feel for your text.
Views: 2476
Gel TextGel Text - made by 80four
Make any font look like gel using only layer styles in photoshop.
Views: 2318
Bling Bling TextBling Bling Text - made by
Make some phat text thats decked out with diamonds and gold.
Views: 2270
Transparent TextTransparent Text - made by SweDesignz
Learn how to make transparent text.
Views: 2244
Text Painted on a Tarmac RoadText Painted on a Tarmac Road - made by Graphic Addicts
Learn how to create the look of text painted onto a tarmac road- like at airports.
Views: 2199
Toxic EffectToxic Effect - made by
Create a toxic text effect.
Views: 2139
Glass FontGlass Font - made by
This tutorial teaches you the advanced use of bevel & emboss. Learn how to achieve a glass effect on your fonts and add some water inside for an extra twist.
Views: 2063
Fire TextFire Text - made by GFXVoid
Create this fiery text effect.
Views: 2009
Car name in chromeCar name in chrome - made by
An easy to understand tutorial with many details, screenshots and tips in which we create a car brand name in chrome on a painted background.
Views: 1977
3D Text3D Text - made by Fallout Productions
Make this three-dimensional text effect.
Views: 1905
Perspective Text with ReflectionPerspective Text with Reflection - made by
Create perspective text with a reflection.
Views: 1875
Three Text EffectsThree Text Effects - made by
Learn to create three different text effects.
Views: 1851
Brushed Metallic TextBrushed Metallic Text - made by ArtWorld
This tutorial will teach you how to quickly create very believable metallic text using features from the blending modes and the technique of motion blurring computer generated noise.
Views: 1771
Blood TextBlood Text - made by GFXGamers
Add some dripping blood to your text.
Views: 1748

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