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Sharingan EyeSharingan Eye - made by Sunken Temples
with the use of this tutorial! You can now make your eyes look like Susuke from naruto!
Views: 7504
Pencil Sketch TechniquesPencil Sketch Techniques - made by Biorust
One effect that people commonly ask about is how to turn a photo into a pencil sketch. This tutorial covers four different ways to accomplish this effect in Photoshop, with further commentary on how the results can be improved.
Views: 5749
Mini SupercarsMini Supercars - made by GFXVoid
Turn photographs of cars into cool mini supercars.
Views: 5711
Pencil SketchesPencil Sketches - made by
Learn how to change a photo into a realistic pencil sketch.
Views: 5383
See Through ClothesSee Through Clothes - made by
Make some see-through clothing.
Views: 5127
Smooth SkinSmooth Skin - made by
A technique to make skin look smooth but still quite natural.
Views: 3859
Realistic Fog & MistRealistic Fog & Mist - made by Biorust
You would think that with the Clouds filter it would be easy to create a fog effect, but you could not be more wrong! Making realistic fog/mist is an artform all in itself, but this tutorial details a relatively simple way to replicate decent results.
Views: 3855
Glamorous EffectGlamorous Effect - made by ChinkyFace
Learn how to improve and add this glamorous effect to all your photos in nine easy steps.
Views: 3846
Quick SunsetsQuick Sunsets - made by Biorust
This tutorial details a quick technique for converting a bland mid-day photo into a dramatic sunset scene. The results are not perfect, but for the little time it takes you to do, the resulting images are surprisingly artistic and well defined.
Views: 3785
Heaven EffectHeaven Effect - made by
This tutorial will show you how to give an image a heavenly effect (Elisha Cuthbert, in this example).
Views: 3718
Beautify a FaceBeautify a Face - made by
A very in-depth tutorial that shows you how to remove wrinkles and blemishes, fix hair, eyes, eyebrows, teeth and how to color clothes, crop and sharpen with natural looking results (7 pages).
Views: 3319
Glamour PhotoGlamour Photo - made by
Turn your subject into a supermodel.
Views: 3235
Cartoon EffectCartoon Effect - made by Anime Society
Cartoonize any image to make it look like a cartoon drawing.
Views: 3048
Bulging EyesBulging Eyes - made by GFXVoid
Turn a normal photograph of an eye into a shocking bulging eye.
Views: 3037
LightsabersLightsabers - made by
Add a neon glow to anything. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a lightsaber with it.
Views: 2957
Blood and ScratchesBlood and Scratches - made by GFXVoid
Add blood, scratches and scars to photographs of people.
Views: 2862
Creating Cold LightCreating Cold Light - made by Biorust
Cold light conveys feelings of isolation, loneliness, and emptiness - feelings you'd hardly want from a product, but very useful if you want to exploit perceptions to enhance before-and-after images (eg. in fitness magazines, etc).
Views: 2837
Gothic PhotographGothic Photograph - made by GFXVoid
Turn normal photographs into gothic dead people!
Views: 2761
SnowglobeSnowglobe - made by
Insert your image into a digital snowglobe.
Views: 2728
Making a Panorama with PhotoshopMaking a Panorama with Photoshop - made by Oman3D
Ever wanted to take a panorama but could not find your wide angle lens? In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a panoramic image out of a few separate images using a little recoloring, retouching and blending.
Views: 2710

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