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Glow SparksGlow Sparks - made by Eye Digital Emotion
Create glowing sparks.
Views: 407
Glowing TentaclesGlowing Tentacles - made by Think-Designs
Learn how to create an advanced tentacle effect.
Views: 407
ShockwaveShockwave - made by Eye Digital Emotion
Attack the Earth with a glowing, pulsating shockwave.
Views: 407
3D Spike Ball3D Spike Ball - made by N-sane Art
Create this unique 3-dimensional spike ball in 30 seconds.
Views: 407
Green SwirlGreen Swirl - made by
Create a really smooth green swirl.
Views: 406
Color BurstColor Burst - made by
Use a simple brush, add some blur and some color and get this nice burst effect. This tutorial allso shows this effect in a few different distort filters.
Views: 406
Evil EyeEvil Eye - made by
Create a unique-looking evil eye.
Views: 406
Blue ChromeBlue Chrome - made by Think-Designs
Create a splashing blue chrome effect with a twist.
Views: 406
Hidden ImageHidden Image - made by N-sane Art
Learn how to create a secret image within an image. The hidden image is seen once the original image is highlighted.
Views: 406
Metal WebbingMetal Webbing - made by
Make a shiny metal web that adds well to a tech-themed design.
Views: 405
Milky WayMilky Way - made by
Create a milky way type effect by using filters.
Views: 405
Cold IceCold Ice - made by
Make your canvas freezing cold in this tutorial.
Views: 405
PortalPortal - made by GFX School
Make a Diablo styled portal.
Views: 405
Fluid Light FlowFluid Light Flow - made by
Create surreal looking lightflows that add that space feel to all your renders.
Views: 404
Burning CellBurning Cell - made by GFX School
Make a burning cell background effect.
Views: 404
Shape AbstractShape Abstract - made by
Create this smooth abstract effect.
Views: 404
ReflectionsReflections - made by
Learn to take an existing graphic and make it have a nice angled reflection.
Views: 403
TentaclesTentacles - made by
Create these stylish and glossy green/white gradient tentacles.
Views: 403
StarsStars - made by Purefab
Learn how to make some of these stars.
Views: 402
Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse - made by
A tutorial that explains how to make an eclipse effect.
Views: 402

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