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Life BeamLife Beam - made by
Learn how to create an awesome life beam effect.
Views: 5563
Whispy SmokeWhispy Smoke - made by Biorust
You can add flames into any image, but the realism can be shattered if you neglect whisps of smoke coming from the fuel source. This tutorial details a very simple method to create funky realistic smoke from scratch using very basic Photoshop tools.
Views: 4593
Anime Action BackgroundAnime Action Background - made by Bluesfear
Here you will be taught how to make an anime-style action background.
Views: 4428
Sunrays EffectSunrays Effect - made by Entheos
Using the Lens Effect in Photoshop CS you can give a lot of lighting effects to your images. Try this tutorial to add sunrays to a picture.
Views: 4084
Fire EffectsFire Effects - made by Biorust
Set your work ablaze with this tutorial on artificial flame effects. Useful for both text and interfaces.
Views: 3877
Murky WaterMurky Water - made by
Create a seaweed in murky water effect.
Views: 3470
Fun with blend modesFun with blend modes - made by Team PhotoShop
Tutorial to show you how to take a couple of images and blend them together to accomplish various effects.
Views: 3440
Shiny Startburst Effect in PhotoshopShiny Startburst Effect in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
Learn how to create a shiny starburst effect in Photoshop.
Views: 3268
Simple FractalSimple Fractal - made by
Create a fantastic fractal effect in photoshop using various filters and blending options.
Views: 3202
Water DropletsWater Droplets - made by Team Photoshop
How to create a realistic water droplet effect on any image.
Views: 3083
Fun with Facial HairFun with Facial Hair - made by photoshop LAB
Photoshop provides a pretty easy way to make some fairly realistic looking facial hair. This tutorial will show you how fun and easy it is to add facial hair to a photo.
Views: 3003
Signature BackgroundsSignature Backgrounds - made by
This is a tutorial for you to make a nice abstract backround for any forum signatures.
Views: 2993
Water BlastWater Blast - made by
Create a water blast image with filters.
Views: 2974
Force LightningForce Lightning - made by The Easel: Reborn
Here's how to add Force lightning to a picture, just like Palpatine's.
Views: 2972
Transparent Letter Effect with PhotoshopTransparent Letter Effect with Photoshop - made by
Create a transparent letter effect using Adobe Photoshop.
Views: 2756
Lightning VortexLightning Vortex - made by
Make a spinning vortex in the middle of a lightning storm.
Views: 2686
Alien EmbryoAlien Embryo - made by
Create an abstract cosmic alien embryo looking mass, using several fundamental photoshop creation techniques.
Views: 2617
3D Reflection Effect In Photoshop3D Reflection Effect In Photoshop - made by
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to perform the transformations necessary in order to make a very effective 3D reflection effect.
Views: 2439
Glass ballGlass ball - made by
An extensive tutorial that shows how to design a glass ball and how to use many different techniques that can be helpful for many other projects.
Views: 2383
Simple Signature Background #4Simple Signature Background #4 - made by GFXGamers
Part 4 of a big series that teaches you how to create a simple yet effective signature.
Views: 2359

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