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Professional Logo DesignProfessional Logo Design - made by
Learn how to create an elegant logo using professional techniques.
Views: 4489
Sky WritingSky Writing - made by Biorust
This tutorial details a simple technique to create text with a shadow that conforms to the structure of undulating clouds behind it. Images created using this method would not win you any medals, but they may get you noticed in business meetings...
Views: 4306
Easy Logo DesignEasy Logo Design - made by
Learn how to create a clean logo and overlaying text for your company or design firm.
Views: 3876
Razor Stryke LogoRazor Stryke Logo - made by Biorust
Not all Photoshop study materials have to describe techniques that you will find genuinely useful for the rest of your creative existence. This particular tutorial, for example, details a fun and entertaining way to make a personal logo for a forum.
Views: 3588
Ancient ScrollAncient Scroll - made by
Learn the tricks and techniques used to create an ancient grunge scroll to compliment your next web layout, or display design.
Views: 3475
Trendwhore SignatureTrendwhore Signature - made by Xeo Gaming
Learn how to make a trendwhore signature for you to use at forums.
Views: 2970
Old PosterOld Poster - made by
This detailed 9 page Photoshop tutorial shows how to make an old looking poster with stains, texture, edges, rips, scratches, folds, text and a bullet hole. We also show how to convert a photograph.
Views: 2952
Making Of: Skate-Or-DieMaking Of: Skate-Or-Die - made by
Detailed explination of how the "Skate-or-Die" poster image was created from start to finish.
Views: 2895
Professional Banner DesignProfessional Banner Design - made by Tutorial Guide
A walkthrough of the creation of a pro banner as well as a downloadable .PSD and more examples of professional banners.
Views: 2891
Cleaning Scanned LineartCleaning Scanned Lineart - made by Biorust
Cleaning up scanned artwok is fraught with problems, extending from finding the perfect color mix to working out ideal levels of sharpness. The technique detailed in this tutorial will not act as a cure-all but it details a method of cleaning up your art
Views: 2713
Postage StampPostage Stamp - made by
How to create a postage stamp.
Views: 2693
Dirty Industrial BorderDirty Industrial Border - made by
Learn how to quickly create a detailed industrial grunge border for your signatures, headers and banners.
Views: 2594
Grunge Tech SignatureGrunge Tech Signature - made by
This tutorial will show you everything from start to finish on how to make a signature like the ones you see on forums.
Views: 2582
Dirty Grunge PosterDirty Grunge Poster - made by
Grunge is not only a big style for websites, simple graphics, and signatures, but lots of other designers use it in works like posters for concerts, cd covers, music videos, etc. In this tutorial, you will learn some ways to turn a picture into a gru
Views: 2569
Creating A 3D LogoCreating A 3D Logo - made by
This tutorial will walk you through how to create your own 3D logo using Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D. This first part shows you how to make the base 2D design in Photoshop.
Views: 2515
Illustrator to Photoshop RenderingIllustrator to Photoshop Rendering - made by
A step-by-step tutorial in which a preliminary sketch of a product design is transformed into an Illustrator linedrawing and finally rendered in Photoshop.
Views: 2497
Trendwhore DesignTrendwhore Design - made by Eye Digital Emotion
The making of a trendwhore image in PS.
Views: 2463
Romantic Wedding MontageRomantic Wedding Montage - made by PhotoshopDesign.NET
Use many different techniques in the creation of this wedding montage.
Views: 2433
Create a custom phpBB smileyCreate a custom phpBB smiley - made by Christa
This tutorial describes how you can create your own phpBB custom smiley in Adobe Photoshop.
Views: 2426
Advanced LogoAdvanced Logo - made by
As the title suggests, this tutorial will explain step by step how to make an eye-catching logo using Photoshop. The idea behind this tutorial is to also teach you techniques that you can apply to any other kind of graphics you are designing.
Views: 1984

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