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Extracting HairExtracting Hair - made by Biorust
Removing characters from their backgrounds is rarely as easy as using the Extract tool, especially when hair or fur is involved.
Views: 12777
Rain Effect in PhotoshopRain Effect in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
To create an artificial rain effect in photoshop. Learn how to do this. Simply follow these steps.
Views: 4739
DuoTonesDuoTones - made by Biorust
Even the best industry-standard printers have great difficulty printing more than 50 distinct shades of grey (i.e. 'Monotone'). To enhance this greatly and improve underlying tonal quality, a second color is often added, making the image 'DuoTone'.
Views: 4541
Stained Glass Effect in PhotoshopStained Glass Effect in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
Learn to give a stained glass effect using Photoshop CS
Views: 3988
Halo Effect in PhotoshopHalo Effect in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
Learn to make a halo effect in Photoshop CS.
Views: 3827
Creating 3D ball in PhotoshopCreating 3D ball in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
This will cover how to create a 3D ball in Photoshop CS.
Views: 3525
Glowing Twirl effect in PhotoshopGlowing Twirl effect in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
Let us see how to give the glowing twirl effect by using polar coordinates filter in Photoshop.
Views: 3505
Disfigure an Image in PhotoshopDisfigure an Image in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
Learn how to distort an image in Photoshop CS.
Views: 3474
Tips And Tricks For BeginnersTips And Tricks For Beginners - made by Jennifer Apple
A collection of time-saving Photoshop tips for beginners.
Views: 3393
Drawing a Pearl in PhotoshopDrawing a Pearl in Photoshop - made by Oman3D
This tutorial will teach you how to draw a small pearl in Photoshop using a very simple method.
Views: 3312
Glow Effect in PhotoshopGlow Effect in Photoshop - made by maagraphics
You can give glow effect to an image by using the Lighting filter in Photoshop.
Views: 3043
Understanding LevelsUnderstanding Levels - made by Biorust
Far from being voodoo, manipulating levels is a very powerful way to quickly improve an image's tonal range and color balance. In this theory-based tutorial you will learn how they work, and realize how they make you a better designer!
Views: 2727
Working With Layers In Photoshop CS2Working With Layers In Photoshop CS2 - made by Jennifer Apple
Tips for how to work with layers in Photoshop CS2
Views: 2713
Smoothen EdgesSmoothen Edges - made by
How to make edges of objects smoother.
Views: 2645
Photoshop Tips & Tricks - Variety Pack Volume 6 byPhotoshop Tips & Tricks - Variety Pack Volume 6 by - made by Ivan Raszl
A collection of pro tips and tricks to improve your Photoshop skills.
Views: 2584
Custom Shape CreationCustom Shape Creation - made by Biorust
Unlike raster (pixel-based) objects, vector shapes can be scaled up to any size with absolutely no loss in quality. The ultimate goal of this tutorial is to show you how to make these custom shapes for Photoshop.
Views: 2529
Custom Shapes And Layer StylesCustom Shapes And Layer Styles - made by Cian Walsh
Tips on using custom shapes with layer styles.
Views: 2442
Non-Destructive EditingNon-Destructive Editing - made by
A very extensive tutorial that demonstrates many different non-destructive techniques using numerous examples.
Views: 2390
Vector MaskingVector Masking - made by Biorust
The aim of this tutorial is to detail vector masks, a handy Photoshop feature which allows you to cut out objects from their background without any actual loss to the original source picture.
Views: 2313
Basic Blending OptionsBasic Blending Options - made by
Learn how to use blending options to make nice effects.
Views: 2251

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