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Signature BackgroundsSignature Backgrounds - made by
This is a tutorial for you to make a nice abstract backround for any forum signatures.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 2972
Water BlastWater Blast - made by
Create a water blast image with filters.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 2955
Perspective Text with ReflectionPerspective Text with Reflection - made by
Create perspective text with a reflection.
Photoshop Tutorials > Text Effects | Views: 1858
Trendy Grunge BackgroundTrendy Grunge Background - made by
Create a trendy grunge background for a signature.
Photoshop Tutorials > Textures and Patterns | Views: 1777
Making of GlowMaking of Glow - made by
Learn to add a ghostly effect to a render.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 1669
Abstract Cloud BrushingAbstract Cloud Brushing - made by
Create abstract clouds for sigs or renders.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 1634
Dark Photo ManipDark Photo Manip - made by
Create some realistic bloody and dark photomanipulations.
Photoshop Tutorials > Photo Manipulation | Views: 1463
Abstract BrushingAbstract Brushing - made by
Learn the techniques of abstract brushing.
Photoshop Tutorials > Drawing | Views: 1352
Soft Light on AbstractsSoft Light on Abstracts - made by
Create a soft light effect on renders or drawings.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 1283
Cloaking EffectCloaking Effect - made by
Learn how to insert a figure into a scene and give it a cloaking effect that makes it look invisible.
Photoshop Tutorials > Photo Manipulation | Views: 1257
Opening Alpha Targa Files in PhotoshopOpening Alpha Targa Files in Photoshop - made by
This tutorial will teach you how to open targa files in Photoshop and manipulate the alpha channel so that you can get a clean cut render onto another .psd file.
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 1195
Inserting MoviesInserting Movies - made by
Learn how to insert an animation into your signature.
Photoshop Tutorials > Animation | Views: 1193
Abstract Light BrushingAbstract Light Brushing - made by
Learn how to nicely brush up images.
Photoshop Tutorials > Drawing | Views: 1183
Advanced Tech and PlacementAdvanced Tech and Placement - made by
Learn to place your 3D renders and add some tech stuff on top of it for a trendy wallpaper or web graphic.
Photoshop Tutorials > Designing | Views: 1162
Custom Abstract BrushesCustom Abstract Brushes - made by
Create custom light brushes that can be used on a render or by itself to create a trendwhore image.
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 1161
Rusty Metal PlateRusty Metal Plate - made by
Create a rusty metal plate.
Photoshop Tutorials > Textures and Patterns | Views: 1134
Textured BrushingTextured Brushing - made by
Create abstract, textured brushing effects.
Photoshop Tutorials > Drawing | Views: 1114
Grunge BackgroundGrunge Background - made by
Create a grungy background texture.
Photoshop Tutorials > Textures and Patterns | Views: 1073
Blurry GlassBlurry Glass - made by
Take a section of your image and give it a blurred glass effect.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 1010
iMac StyleiMac Style - made by
Create a iMac styled button.
Photoshop Tutorials > Buttons | Views: 936

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