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Extracting HairExtracting Hair - made by Biorust
Removing characters from their backgrounds is rarely as easy as using the Extract tool, especially when hair or fur is involved.
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 12777
Diamond Plate MetalDiamond Plate Metal - made by Biorust
Contrary to popular opinion, industrial metallic textures are not always easy to create from scratch in Photoshop. This tutorial details a relatively straightforward way to create diamond-patterned metal plates.
Photoshop Tutorials > Textures and Patterns | Views: 5751
Pencil Sketch TechniquesPencil Sketch Techniques - made by Biorust
One effect that people commonly ask about is how to turn a photo into a pencil sketch. This tutorial covers four different ways to accomplish this effect in Photoshop, with further commentary on how the results can be improved.
Photoshop Tutorials > Photo Manipulation | Views: 5749
Whispy SmokeWhispy Smoke - made by Biorust
You can add flames into any image, but the realism can be shattered if you neglect whisps of smoke coming from the fuel source. This tutorial details a very simple method to create funky realistic smoke from scratch using very basic Photoshop tools.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 4593
DuoTonesDuoTones - made by Biorust
Even the best industry-standard printers have great difficulty printing more than 50 distinct shades of grey (i.e. 'Monotone'). To enhance this greatly and improve underlying tonal quality, a second color is often added, making the image 'DuoTone'.
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 4541
Sky WritingSky Writing - made by Biorust
This tutorial details a simple technique to create text with a shadow that conforms to the structure of undulating clouds behind it. Images created using this method would not win you any medals, but they may get you noticed in business meetings...
Photoshop Tutorials > Designing | Views: 4306
Fire EffectsFire Effects - made by Biorust
Set your work ablaze with this tutorial on artificial flame effects. Useful for both text and interfaces.
Photoshop Tutorials > Effects | Views: 3877
Realistic Fog & MistRealistic Fog & Mist - made by Biorust
You would think that with the Clouds filter it would be easy to create a fog effect, but you could not be more wrong! Making realistic fog/mist is an artform all in itself, but this tutorial details a relatively simple way to replicate decent results.
Photoshop Tutorials > Photo Manipulation | Views: 3855
Quick SunsetsQuick Sunsets - made by Biorust
This tutorial details a quick technique for converting a bland mid-day photo into a dramatic sunset scene. The results are not perfect, but for the little time it takes you to do, the resulting images are surprisingly artistic and well defined.
Photoshop Tutorials > Photo Manipulation | Views: 3785
Razor Stryke LogoRazor Stryke Logo - made by Biorust
Not all Photoshop study materials have to describe techniques that you will find genuinely useful for the rest of your creative existence. This particular tutorial, for example, details a fun and entertaining way to make a personal logo for a forum.
Photoshop Tutorials > Designing | Views: 3588
Semi-Transparent KeypadsSemi-Transparent Keypads - made by Biorust
Lets face it - big chunky metallic keypads are in the past! This tutorial details a very simple yet effective method for creating much funkier semi-transparent keypads of any size, and even gives numerous ideas for further developments of complex designs.
Photoshop Tutorials > Buttons | Views: 3093
Sonic Battle Style CGSonic Battle Style CG - made by Biorust
This advanced tutorial explains one way of creating sonic-battle-style cartoon characters in Photoshop using nothing but the default tools, lots of patience, and a few gallons of coffee.
Photoshop Tutorials > Drawing | Views: 2903
Creating Cold LightCreating Cold Light - made by Biorust
Cold light conveys feelings of isolation, loneliness, and emptiness - feelings you'd hardly want from a product, but very useful if you want to exploit perceptions to enhance before-and-after images (eg. in fitness magazines, etc).
Photoshop Tutorials > Photo Manipulation | Views: 2837
Animated FireAnimated Fire - made by Biorust
Now you too can set Photoshop ablaze with the power and beauty of fire by following this animated 9 step tutorial. Just remember to play safely and not singe your fingers!
Photoshop Tutorials > Animation | Views: 2824
Understanding LevelsUnderstanding Levels - made by Biorust
Far from being voodoo, manipulating levels is a very powerful way to quickly improve an image's tonal range and color balance. In this theory-based tutorial you will learn how they work, and realize how they make you a better designer!
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 2727
Cleaning Scanned LineartCleaning Scanned Lineart - made by Biorust
Cleaning up scanned artwok is fraught with problems, extending from finding the perfect color mix to working out ideal levels of sharpness. The technique detailed in this tutorial will not act as a cure-all but it details a method of cleaning up your art
Photoshop Tutorials > Designing | Views: 2713
Simple Tiling PatternsSimple Tiling Patterns - made by Biorust
Arguments may persist over whether scanlines are trendwhore or not, but you cant argue that they are effective and look classy. The aim of this tutorial is to detail a method for creating quick scanlines, funky dots, and other simple overlays.
Photoshop Tutorials > Textures and Patterns | Views: 2704
Custom Shape CreationCustom Shape Creation - made by Biorust
Unlike raster (pixel-based) objects, vector shapes can be scaled up to any size with absolutely no loss in quality. The ultimate goal of this tutorial is to show you how to make these custom shapes for Photoshop.
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 2529
Vector MaskingVector Masking - made by Biorust
The aim of this tutorial is to detail vector masks, a handy Photoshop feature which allows you to cut out objects from their background without any actual loss to the original source picture.
Photoshop Tutorials > Basics | Views: 2313
The Plastic EffectThe Plastic Effect - made by Biorust
The infamous plastic effect with a mottled twist. Learn how to recreate it using only layer effects, and understand the theory behind the effect. Very handy for interfaces and text!
Photoshop Tutorials > Web Layouts | Views: 2301

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