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Water DropletsWater Droplets - made by Team Photoshop
How to create a realistic water droplet effect on any image.
Effects | Views: 3083
Stylized Control ButtonsStylized Control Buttons - made by
Learn to create highly stylized rounded 3d buttons used on many application skins and layouts today.
Buttons | Views: 2272
Alien EmbryoAlien Embryo - made by
Create an abstract cosmic alien embryo looking mass, using several fundamental photoshop creation techniques.
Effects | Views: 2617
Semi-Transparent KeypadsSemi-Transparent Keypads - made by Biorust
Lets face it - big chunky metallic keypads are in the past! This tutorial details a very simple yet effective method for creating much funkier semi-transparent keypads of any size, and even gives numerous ideas for further developments of complex designs.
Buttons | Views: 3093
Trendy buttonTrendy button - made by
A step by step tutorial to realize a trendy button for your site.
Buttons | Views: 2244
Dashed BorderDashed Border - made by InkDrop Styles
A classy effect that looks good on any graphic!
Basics | Views: 2024
Arrow iconArrow icon - made by
A few steps tutorial to draw a common arrow icon.
Drawing | Views: 1889
Bacis but professional frameBacis but professional frame - made by
A simple tutorial for realize a basic but professional frame with Photoshop.
Basics | Views: 1973
CMS ButtonsCMS Buttons - made by
Learn how to create CMS or (Content Management System) buttons with photoshop.
Buttons | Views: 2125
Business HeaderBusiness Header - made by
Create a clean, soft technical business header for your website.
Web Layouts | Views: 2297
ExplosionExplosion - made by Sunken Temples
Make a plasmic green explosion with this tutorial!
Effects | Views: 2060
Cleaning Scanned LineartCleaning Scanned Lineart - made by Biorust
Cleaning up scanned artwok is fraught with problems, extending from finding the perfect color mix to working out ideal levels of sharpness. The technique detailed in this tutorial will not act as a cure-all but it details a method of cleaning up your art
Designing | Views: 2713
Create a custom phpBB smileyCreate a custom phpBB smiley - made by Christa
This tutorial describes how you can create your own phpBB custom smiley in Adobe Photoshop.
Designing | Views: 2426
Understanding LevelsUnderstanding Levels - made by Biorust
Far from being voodoo, manipulating levels is a very powerful way to quickly improve an image's tonal range and color balance. In this theory-based tutorial you will learn how they work, and realize how they make you a better designer!
Basics | Views: 2727
Creating Cold LightCreating Cold Light - made by Biorust
Cold light conveys feelings of isolation, loneliness, and emptiness - feelings you'd hardly want from a product, but very useful if you want to exploit perceptions to enhance before-and-after images (eg. in fitness magazines, etc).
Photo Manipulation | Views: 2837
3D Reflection Effect In Photoshop3D Reflection Effect In Photoshop - made by
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to perform the transformations necessary in order to make a very effective 3D reflection effect.
Effects | Views: 2439
Realistic RainbowRealistic Rainbow - made by
A 2 page Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to add a rainbow to a photograph.
Photo Manipulation | Views: 2084
Remove a Tan LineRemove a Tan Line - made by
In this 2 page tutorial we're going to remove a tan line in Lab mode using levels, a mask, color samplers and the healing brush.
Photo Manipulation | Views: 2186
Old PosterOld Poster - made by
This detailed 9 page Photoshop tutorial shows how to make an old looking poster with stains, texture, edges, rips, scratches, folds, text and a bullet hole. We also show how to convert a photograph.
Designing | Views: 2952
Sharingan EyeSharingan Eye - made by Sunken Temples
with the use of this tutorial! You can now make your eyes look like Susuke from naruto!
Photo Manipulation | Views: 7504

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