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WMP OrbWMP Orb - made by
Learn how to replicate the highly stylized Windows Media Player Orb with a few easy to follow steps.
Buttons | Views: 4876
Turn Photos of People into Line ArtTurn Photos of People into Line Art - made by Melissa Clifton
Want to turn a photo of someone into line art. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create comic-book-perfect line art.
Drawing | Views: 12230
Modern Layout CompleteModern Layout Complete - made by
Learn to create a complete web site template that is both sleek, and maximizes the users viewable window area.
Web Layouts | Views: 4525
Extracting HairExtracting Hair - made by Biorust
Removing characters from their backgrounds is rarely as easy as using the Extract tool, especially when hair or fur is involved.
Basics | Views: 12777
Whispy SmokeWhispy Smoke - made by Biorust
You can add flames into any image, but the realism can be shattered if you neglect whisps of smoke coming from the fuel source. This tutorial details a very simple method to create funky realistic smoke from scratch using very basic Photoshop tools.
Effects | Views: 4593
Diamond Plate MetalDiamond Plate Metal - made by Biorust
Contrary to popular opinion, industrial metallic textures are not always easy to create from scratch in Photoshop. This tutorial details a relatively straightforward way to create diamond-patterned metal plates.
Textures and Patterns | Views: 5751
Easy Logo DesignEasy Logo Design - made by
Learn how to create a clean logo and overlaying text for your company or design firm.
Designing | Views: 3876
DuoTonesDuoTones - made by Biorust
Even the best industry-standard printers have great difficulty printing more than 50 distinct shades of grey (i.e. 'Monotone'). To enhance this greatly and improve underlying tonal quality, a second color is often added, making the image 'DuoTone'.
Basics | Views: 4541
Drawing a Pearl in PhotoshopDrawing a Pearl in Photoshop - made by Oman3D
This tutorial will teach you how to draw a small pearl in Photoshop using a very simple method.
Basics | Views: 3312
Pencil Sketch TechniquesPencil Sketch Techniques - made by Biorust
One effect that people commonly ask about is how to turn a photo into a pencil sketch. This tutorial covers four different ways to accomplish this effect in Photoshop, with further commentary on how the results can be improved.
Photo Manipulation | Views: 5749
Fun with blend modesFun with blend modes - made by Team PhotoShop
Tutorial to show you how to take a couple of images and blend them together to accomplish various effects.
Effects | Views: 3440
MP3 Player InterfaceMP3 Player Interface - made by
Create an intricate MP3 player style interface.
Web Layouts | Views: 2729
Simple FractalSimple Fractal - made by
Create a fantastic fractal effect in photoshop using various filters and blending options.
Effects | Views: 3202
Brushed Metal TextureBrushed Metal Texture - made by Mike Jonson
This tutorial will teach you how to quickly and easily create a brushed metal texture
Textures and Patterns | Views: 2937
Making Of: Skate-Or-DieMaking Of: Skate-Or-Die - made by
Detailed explination of how the "Skate-or-Die" poster image was created from start to finish.
Designing | Views: 2895
Dirty Industrial BorderDirty Industrial Border - made by
Learn how to quickly create a detailed industrial grunge border for your signatures, headers and banners.
Designing | Views: 2594
Mac OS X burn IconMac OS X burn Icon - made by
A Photoshop tutorial to recreate a famous icon used by Mac OS.
Buttons | Views: 2231
Professional bannerProfessional banner - made by
A detailed tutorial to create a professional banner.
Web Layouts | Views: 2412
Icy Chocolate Text EffectIcy Chocolate Text Effect - made by
You can create a nice Icy Chocolate Effect for your text using some simple means.
| Views: 1757
Water Drops on PhotosWater Drops on Photos - made by Team Photoshop
Part two of a water drops tutorial which takes you through how to add them to photos
Effects | Views: 2330

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